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Featured Geek: Jules Rivera

[On being a female geek in a male dominated world] “I used to be an engineer so working in a male-dominated environment is nothing new to me. Most male geeks are all right with me, and the few who aren’t have a deep-seated fear of pushy, loud Latinas like me. They tend to keep their distance.”

Jules is the founder of two comics, Valkyries Squadron and Misfortune High. As a comic illustrator and animator, Jules loves watching “really cheesy anime” (she recommends Black Butler and Golgo13). She also geeks out on Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Sailor Moon, and Bubblegum Crisis. When she’s not drawing, animating, or painting (which she does a lot), you can find her reading or exercising. Jules defines being a geek as “someone who is more interested in following their passions than following what the mainstream culture tells them.”

Featured Geek: Kitty Stryker

[On being a female geek in a male dominated world] “…it’s difficult to be a female geek in a male-dominated geeky world. I’m dismissed, ignored, insulted, sexually harassed, and threatened on a regular basis when I try to engage with straight, cisgendered, white geeky men, which is why I’ve avoided video games. I find it all very alienating, and frankly, rather boring. I’m much more excited about the games I’m seeing come from other queer people and trans women, which regularly subverts the concept of the game itself.”

Kitty is the marketing manager at TroubleFilms (nsfw), cosplay head for GaymerX, and a freelance writer on Patreon. She is a queer porn performer and massive geek, noting “that the lack of understanding that women can be both is a method of objectifying and dehumanizing us.” On her geekdom, Kitty considers herself a text-based adventure geek, a history of medicine geek, a queer geek, and a femme geek (though she has a lot more interests, those are the main ones). On any given day you can find her watching Adventure Time or Doctor Who, or reading PG Wodehouse. In her spare time, Kitty enjoys writing, crafting, playing computer games, and fixing her car (she would also like to get back into large scale metal art). In the future, Kitty dreams of publishing a book on consent culture in response to rape culture. She would like you to know that she is a “manic pixie nightmare girl” who has a cat named Foucault.

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Featured Geek: Kara O’Connor

[On being a female geek in a male dominated world] “It’s certainly a challenge. Women are often objectified, especially in the Geek world, which often surprises me because so many men who enjoy this world are considered great thinkers. I hope more men can realize that there is room for all of us and that we can collectively LOVE all of this stuff. I appreciate the man in my life, because he understands and supports everything I do. Not because I am a women but because I am a person.”

Business owner, writer, and comedian Kara is an “everything geek” who enjoys an array of geeky things. She loves Doctor Who (prefers the 9th Doctor), ASOIAF and GoT (and she just wants you to know that she’s a Targaryen), and Shaun of the Dead (and really anything zombie related things). Dana is also a huge comic book fan, recently plastering her bathroom with pages from her favorite female superhero comics. She is drawn to comics that feature badass female characters, and mostly reads indie comics like Revival, Rachel Rising, and Saga. She calls her local comic shop, Arcane Comics, her version of Cheers, since everyone there knows her name and taste in books. Someday, Dana would love to write comic books and movies professionally since she doesn’t “think there are enough female voices in either worlds and it’s always nice to see someone like Kelly Sue DeConnick or Tina Fey breaking those glass ceilings,” adding “PAVE THE WAY, Ladies!” Dana also enjoys cosplaying and treasure hunting for items at Goodwill to complete her costumes. She often cosplays with her boyfriend, so naturally they are planning a full-on Star Wars themed wedding for 2015 to be set in Disneyland (full costume, of course). Besides her many geeky passions, Dana is also an animal lover; she is the owner of Leash the Hounds, and has three dogs, Elvis, Loki, and Einstein.

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Featured Geek: Dana Freeman

[On being a female geek in a male dominated world] “The word I probably use the most when asked this question would be frustrated. I love the geek community overall, but when I want to just join in and have fun I somehow manage to find people who insist on being paranoid, pandering or completely close-minded. Luckily with the friends I’ve made being a woman has no factor in how I’m treated. ”

Dana describes herself as a “well rounded geek,” who loves anime, video games, and table-top RPGs. Although she has a BAF in Animation, she received a Master in IT, and is now an IT Professional. She still enjoys drawing in her free time though. Dana admits that she can’t get enough of online quizzes, adding “I’m sure I’ve annoyed some Facebook friends, but eh, they can block the apps. I must know my true self! Every Harry Potter quiz I’ve taken I’ve always gotten the Slytherin options… Dana has also recently discovered cosplaying. She debuted her first costume, hipster Storm, at ECCC and was pleasantly surprised by people’s reactions, saying “it was hilarious because people actually got the joke.” In the future, she would like to be a well-known cosplayer. Dana also has a cat named Saarebas, ensuring that “she lives up to her name.” You can find her at the following handles: Xbox360 - OO7BlackMage; PS3 - Typhoon_Dutchess; Steam - lava_queen.




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Featured Geek: Kait Calabrò  

[On being a female geek in a male dominated world] “I find it to be very empowering. Sure, it is annoying when someone doesn’t believe you can name all the houses from Game Of Thrones or the only reason you go and see Thor is because he is a good looking guy. But, what I enjoy about being a female geek in a male dominated geek world is the look on their faces when you out geek them or prove them wrong…and I see that look a lot because I enjoy being right!”

A geek of many traders, Kait is a writer, producer, and actress. She is the associate editor and communications director at the lady nerd site All Geek to Me, where she often writes about her geeky obsessions (mainly True BloodGame of Thrones, and Bob’s Burgers). Besides being a TV geek, Kait also nerds out on movies and books. She is a huge YA fan, and particularly loves the Hunger Game series. Kait likes to spend her free time watching Netflix, reading, and writing new script ideas (she dreams of one day writing and producing her own series).

(Two photos taken by Giana Marinelli.)

Featured Geek:  Demetria

[On being a female geek in a male dominated world] “I have amazing friends who respect others like they would like to be treated. But this has been a problem for females all around the world, from the fake gamer girl to a woman who is put down for their cosplays for “Not knowing” about the fandom what so ever. I often see other woman get harassed just by the cosplays they wear and it is amazing how rude the male audiences could get. I have personally seen this and experienced this at many conventions especially SDCC.”

As an art student, Demetria revels in all things art and geeky. She loves conventions, cartoons (both western and eastern), and cosplay, noting that all these things are interrelated. You can normally find her in the artist alley at various conventions, which results in her having more art prints than she knows what to do with (she adds that a lot of artists trade prints among each other, so really how could she not come home with at least one or two prints?). In addition to cosplaying at conventions, Demetria geeks out on Assassin’s Creed (she buys all the collectors editions), Tintin (she adds that her grandmother, father, and herself all grew up on Tintin), and Marvel. Demetria notes that she is happy that we’re “starting to see the strong, bold, and not scantily clad women in the community,” which is one reason why she is a big fan of Marvel’s newest Ms. Marvel, featuring Kamala Khan. Demetria dreams of one day being an Art Director for an animation or film company.